Daily practice of the 5 Tibetan Rites may restore health and vitality. The magic of the 5 Tibetans takes less than 15 minutes to operate! Get up and get going! Just before breakfast. So you may enjoy an active and very happy day.


Peter Kelder published his book « the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth » in 1939. It tells of the beautiful quest of his friend, Colonel Bradford, in India. This man was searching for a secret ancient Tibetan practice. He finally discovered it after many years and shared the magic of the 5 Tibetans. When he came back from his journey, he even looked 30 years younger. At first Peter Kelder couldn’t recognize him! Simultaneously, he felt very young and active.



As there are numerous videos of the 5 Tibetans, I won’t go into all the details. A few important recommendations, though.

  • Practice everyday, 6 days a week. Your day-off may vary as you need.
  • Do them preferably first thing in the morning.
  • Take 2 or 3 yogic breaths in between each rite.
  • Do not go for a large number of repetitions at the beginning. Increase very slowly over the weeks. For example, first week 5 or 7 repetitions of each. Second or third week, 7 or 11. Go slowly. Then 14 and up to 21 (maximum). Do the same number of repetition for each rite (except the first one). Some of my students experience great results after one week of 5 repetitions.
  • Remember : your body is precious and fragile. Respect and protect it.

You may practice the 5 Tibetan Rites forever as a morning routine. You may also practice them for a month or two at a time, to boost your energy.


A nice trick for remembering their order is the word “SoLiCiTeD:

S for Spinning. Like a dervish!

L for Leg Lifts

C for Camel pose

T for Table Top position

D for Upward and Downward Dog


SPINNING : Turn clockwise. Use your foot as a grounding tool. Drishti on the right hand (face up/ left hand face down)

LEGLIFTS : you may put your hands under your buttocks or bend the knees if too difficult.

The head goes up first but head and legs come down together.

Don’t lift your buttocks.

CAMEL: protect your lower back by tightening your butt.

Thighs should stay perpendicular to the ground.

Press chin on thyroid after eqch repetition.

TABLE TOP : tip of fingers pointing towards feet.

Inhale up, exhale down.

UPWARD AND DOWNWARD FACING DOG : Once again, be mindful of your lower back in upward facing dog. Don’t hesitate bending your knees in Downward facing dog. If too strenuous, replace by child pose with extended arms and cow (as in cat/cow : arched back and open heart)


Here are some Sankalpas I created for a positive mind set. You may choose to add them to your practice :

SPINNING “I am full of energy”

LEG LIFTS “I believe in myself”

CAMEL “I am open to life and love ”

TABLETOP :“I am connecting to my inner strength”

UPWARD AND DOWNWARD FACING DOG : “I trust life and the universe!”

Of course, you are most welcome to create your own positive affirmations. Be sure there is no negation in them and no future tense. Everything is now!


Enjoy your practice!





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